Your Home and Mine...

This bit is really really simple... as Mahatma Ghandi once said

"We are only borrowing the world from our children"

Think about that !

I would also invite you to consider...

If we continue on the same adversarial course that we are currently employing as a species...

What the odds are of us creating a bright future for those who follow ? Or any future at all ?

And how much do you believe that we need to alter our behaviour as a species to achieve an outcome of leaving a habitable planet for our grandkids. Or maybe even our children.

It's no longer a question of discovering the right technology, or even the right thinking. As a species Homo Sapiens ( Thinking man ? ) has to make some very important decisions about some exceedingly important questions. And they aren't really complex questions either.

You see, as a species Humankind has reached a point in it's evolution where we have to make up our minds about whether or not we're important enough to do something about saving ourselves. And every other creature we need to keep our environment alive..

This is not a problem that will be solved by one individual. Or one family or even one nation.

We are facing species wide issues that must be addressed at the level of our behaviour and the resulting events that occur. And how comfortable are you five years from now when nothing has changed behaviourally and everything has gone to pot. When we could do something about it now.

Yes the problems we face are enormous. Energy, clean water, clean air for that matter. Sustainable agricultural practices.

And the really scary thing is..that you listened to the promises that the politicians and the clergy made to you about protecting you..AND you believed them !

How many species have become extinct since you were born. How many of the green fields you played on as a kid are now growing real estate. Not food.

Eventually we're going to run out of top soil. or water. Or both and then what will you do. Invade somewhere else and screw that place up too.

These are but the tip of the ice burgs and I invite you to post a comment at the bottom of this page. Let us know what you believe are the most important issues facing humanity right now.

The glimmer of hope we have is that we're a durable species. And intelligent too. So I'd like to hear your solutions as well. All ideas are welcomed ! PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO READ MORE

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Working with each other not against each other...

There is a fundamental flaw in what we are taught and it defies all logic.

From the time we first go to school we are told not to work together. We are told don't copy other peoples work. And then we are graded on our ability by completing vaguely relevant exams and tests. Most of the subject matter will never be used again. Ever...

Based on how well we perform in these tests the system decides your career and you ability to generate income and also your social status. In many ways the rest of your life is based on how well you can recite back to ( Insert authority figure here ) a plethora of stuff that is totally irrelevant to modern life.

The pace of change in terms of the expansion of knowledge is now so fast that buy the time you have completed a degree the teaching from the first year has been virtually superseded. The rate of knowledge doubling is reckoned to be generally around five years. In some sectors such as nano-technology it is around two years.

And that time frame is getting smaller with every single year that passes you...

This in itself is serious enough that you need to make lifelong learning into a habit.

The important thing is that we are taught to compete with each other for supremacy. To be Top Dog. The greatest super power and all of the other crap that is designed to divide and rule.

With the current ecological and climatic challenges facing our immediate future, and the futures of generations as yet unborn, I believe one of the key skills we must learn if we are to survive as a species is our ability to cooperate on key areas of global significance.

One of the most powerful ways of creating cooperation and measuring the results is through education, training and teaching. As someone once said "People don't know what they don't know"

Real education that teaches the necessary skills needed to survive in the 21st Century. And beyond.

Cooperation is top of that list for me as the adversarial system that we have and have had for hundreds of years, is clearly not working. By not working , I mean this...!

Why is it that there is enough food produced on the planet every year to feed every man, woman and child and yet every day over 1 Billion people do not get enough nutrition.

Please bear in mind that while those people starve the European union pays farmers not to plant their fields and buys surplus production from them. All of this so that the market price is not distorted.

The obscenity in this is that at the end of a two year storage cycle the food that was purchased is then burned.

All so some Euro MP can be assured of votes from the French farming lobby.

This is but one example of divisive thinking and it's results. I could go on for weeks or even months but that gets you and me nowhere. I would ask you to consider this QUESTION and then leave a comment...

"What has non cooperation cost you, so far, as an individual as a family, as a community and as a nation?

Furthermore what do you see it costing you and yours in the future ? "

What has competition done to you in terms of stifling your confidence and the gifts that you can offer to the world ? Your input is Needed because we have run out of time for having enemies. The reality is we NEVER had enemies. We now only have time for friends and allies.

Tell me what you think now that you've thought about it. Mike

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A Problem And An Answer

The internet has created opportunities that have never existed before. You can now talk with someone in real time on the opposite side of the planet while watching events unfold in yet another part of the world on a news site. All the while you are listening to or even seeing a live Symphony concert in London's Royal Albert Hall.

All of this occurs while you are standing on top of a hill you just climbed or on a vacation beach somewhere. Great stuff, Huh ?

Well yes and no because you now have so much choice and so much information that you can't focus clearly on any one thing before you are whisked away to the next attraction.

The other aspect of this is, of course, if you want to reach an online audience to distribute or sell your products or even just give it away you have lots of competition.

Competition for the attention of your audience or tribe.. You are competing against approximately 48 Billion other web pages. There are at least 280 million blogs.

Ok lets get a bit real here and assume that of those pages 47 Billion of them are Spammy sites with no real value or interest. That's still around 1 Billion pages you have to fight your way through. And it is a fight, As someone who spent two years getting a page with 56. 8 million competing pages to # 9 on Google, believe me it's darn hard work.

So is there a solution to this ?

Of course... Read the article below titled

"Ingredients to create a successful online training business": in the panel below. Alternatively simply click on the image above.

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What IS Between You and The World You Really Want...?

There's a clue in the picture right above this.

How would it be if your world wasn't limited by your thinking. Wasn't limited by your beliefs.

In fact how would it be if you were to decide right now that actually you do deserve more. Imagine being able to take control of your destiny. If you can imagine it you can do it.

Every journey starts with an idea and a decision that it's possible to get to the destination. The decision is based on what you believe, which is in turn affected by your experiences so far.

So how possible is it to change your experiences so that all those beliefs fall away ?

When you watch this video you will discover the power in changing your results by changing what you say to your self, what you hear and what you see.

The videos were shot at a live NLP communication skills training, we ran in our home in Thailand, in 2008. This technique is used by Richard Bandler, Tony robbins and every other NLP trainer on the planet. This is because it works.

Do not be deceived by the apparent simplicity of what you see...AND... Please, please please...,try this at home...

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